UCA | Community Outreach Programs
United Chinese Association of Brooklyn
Who We Are


Voter Engagement

> Voter registration drives
> Phone banking
> Door knocking


Immigrant Services

> English as Second Language (Mon: 10:am to 11:00am)
> Naturalization class (Thurs: 10:am to 11:30am)
> Translation services
> Assistance to access government benefit programs
> Affordable Health Care (NYS Health Care Designated site)

Our community-building and outreach activities aim to encourage immigrants to be organizers, leaders and advocates of their own community and to engage immigrant adults, who are often alienated from social and economic opportunities in America because of language or cultural barriers.  We also try to foster civic responsibility and participation through voter registration drive, voter education workshops, community education workshops and cultural celebrations.  We translate letters, provide housing consultation, and ESL and naturalization classes to about 500 immigrant adults per year.

C O M M U N I T Y   O U T R E A C H   P R O G R A M S